Salsa and Sparkles

Chips, cheese and jewelry please!

I recently hosted a Salsa and Sparkles event for my downline at our new local Mexican restaurant. Each jeweler was asked to bring four guests and four advanced orders.

Yep, you caught on. What is that?! Well just the easiest personal show in the history of–FOREVER!

Nope, I am not being dramatic. This thing was awesome! I poured a lot of time, love, and energy into it and it was definitely worth it. From here on out, I will be able to make a few tweaks and do these events once a month for a few months, and then once every two months. It is such a fun, easy way to serve my girls and help them build momentum.

SS 3

Enter a caption

We sent the above graphic out as an invite, and I also set up a Facebook event. This event was open for my jewelers to invite their guests to as well. (Of course I utilized this time to collect my own four orders and invite four guests as my personal show for the month)

Before I post the graphics we used, I will share about how the actual event worked.

First, I really encouraged all of my girls to take advantage of this opportunity. Think about it: even if a jeweler has very little jewelry, is running low on catalogs, is not planning on renewing the next month–they can still utilize this event because I use my jewelry and my catalogs. It is also a great way for them to watch a show. Training + personal show all-in-one. They just show up with four orders and four friends! You can totally take this idea and run with it!

Ladies only being able to bring four guests serves two purposes: 

  1. Practical purposes…obviously if the private room I reserved holds 40 and I told each jeweler to bring as many guests as possible, that could get out of hand
  2. EXCLUSIVE!! Ladies love exclusive events. I gave my girls verbiage that basically said “I can only bring four friends and I want YOU to be one of those.” It also helped with people committing. Someone is more likely to RSVP if they know there are only four spots. It makes them feel special, just as we ALWAYS should make our guests feel special.

Some fun twists at this show were…

  • Before the fashion segment, we had the guests use the back of their guest survey to “Draw a Diva.” They closed their eyes, and I walked them through it: draw a stick figure, add hair, give that girl some fancy shoes, put a dress on her because we wear clothes to jewelry shows…now add a necklace…and a bracelet…and a ring…what am I forgetting? Yep, our diva needs some earrings. And finally…add a sombrero and some maracas!
  • For the booking activity, after using Freeda (Freeda shop, get it free, and big bucks), I showed them a Michael Kors handbag I had bought and never purchased. You could totally change this to anything, as long as you sell the sizzle. Anyone who booked got a ticket in the drawing for the purse. I normally do Deal or Double Deal at my shows but was hesitant to do so, since there were multiple jewelers who would have to then honor that promise. This was a success! I went around to each person and asked if they wanted free bling.

SS 4.jpg

I LOVE the fellowship side of it! We had a blast. I pointed out at the beginning that I was so excited that because there were multiple jewelry ladies there, they could have all the help they would like shopping!

I made these signs with chalkboards from Walmart (that I also use at shows as a hostess “special word” board) and pink chalk pen.

I really recommend finding somewhere that offers a private room. Despite the fact that it was “Thirsty Thursday” and live-band night (HOW DID I MISS THAT?!), the private room made it feel extra special!

SS 3.jpg


I’m all about keeping it simple, but for this event I wanted TONS of bling so that everyone could really play in it. I got another leader/friend to bring her kit and we used both.

I also had each jeweler bring one door prize. We gave each person who came three tickets and then two tickets to those who brought a friend.

I truly believe part of the success of this event was the intentional and thought-out way we promoted it.


Some of these graphics were made in PicCollage, Word Swag (it’s $3.99, but SERIOUSLY, invest in it!! It is my new favorite), and one was found on Pinterest.

SS 1

This was used for the FB event cover photo.

SS 5

SS 2



These two pictures are just cute graphics to post to go along with the theme. I always try to be intentional about my posts in events, as I know people just want you to “get to the point.” If I posted a graphic, I also posted a caption that served as a reminder of some sort–whether it was reminding them what our customer special was, how they can earn tickets, what kind of drawings we would do that night, etc.





SS 4

And of course, a day-before reminder post! 

I hope this was helpful in planning your next themed show, especially if it’s a Salsa & Sparkles Style Session!

loving, serving, and caring with y’all,

Jenna Elise 


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