Salsa and Sparkles

Chips, cheese and jewelry please!

I recently hosted a Salsa and Sparkles event for my downline at our new local Mexican restaurant. Each jeweler was asked to bring four guests and four advanced orders.

Yep, you caught on. What is that?! Well just the easiest personal show in the history of–FOREVER!

Nope, I am not being dramatic. This thing was awesome! I poured a lot of time, love, and energy into it and it was definitely worth it. From here on out, I will be able to make a few tweaks and do these events once a month for a few months, and then once every two months. It is such a fun, easy way to serve my girls and help them build momentum.

SS 3

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We sent the above graphic out as an invite, and I also set up a Facebook event. This event was open for my jewelers to invite their guests to as well. (Of course I utilized this time to collect my own four orders and invite four guests as my personal show for the month)

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