Combo Crazy

If you could see me right now, you would see an ashamed jewelry lady.

I cannot BELIEVE I almost let June slip by without sending out the “Combo Crazy: utilizing the June special” message. However, I know some of you still have shows and are really utilizing these last precious hours of the month.

Here are some of the combos that would be GREAT when utilizing this special. Obviously some are ideal for shows, while others are better for posting on social media, but thanks to the AMAZING special Premier is offering, they are ALL a steal!!

Help your jewelry show guests get more bling for their buck by using these combos:

Purchase It’s a Wrap–Silver and Gold–and get Desert Diva for $12 (Wrap up the Month)

Purchase Tango and Sabrina and get Sway for $12 (Gorgeous in Gold)

Purchase Bands of Gold and Stiletto and get Bombshell for $12 (Gold and Glamorous)

Purchase Natural Beauty and Celine and get Inner Strength for $12 (Shine from the Inside)

Purchase Lively and Stiletto and get Fine Art for $12 (Trendy Chick)

Purchase Heaven and Matthew 17:20 and get Hopeful for $12 (Versed in Faith)

Purchase Boho Chic ring and Arrow bracelets and get the Boho Chic necklace for $12 (Turquoise Your Way)

Purchase Ombre and Acapulco and get Cozumel for $12 (Beach Buys)

Purchase Prim and Dreamy and get Opening Night for $12 (Dreaming of Pearls)

Purchase Double Your Fun and Jane and get Social Circle for $12 (Double the Bling)

Purchase Jubilee and Sheerly Playful and get Jelly Bean for $12 (Color-Crazy Combo)

Purchase Julia (RG) and Rosie and get English Rose for $12 (A Rosie Deal)


There are so many creative combos that we can promote in utilizing this incredible customer special. At shows, it is always fun (and beneficial) to “show and teach.”

If I were to show Lively and Stiletto together and add in Fine Art, and really emphasize that with eight ways to wear it it is SO versatile and on-trend, I would then say “..and ladies, tonight–you can get this top seller for only twelve bucks.” In their minds, they’ve already decided they will get that piece at twelve dollars. This is true for any special. If you’re offering spend $75 and get a half price item, show it!! I love to show Sway and tell that they can get my personal best-seller and favorite piece for only $32. (I then use this same example when stacking boxes during Freeda…Freeda shop came to Holly Hostess’ jewelry show and when she purchased $75 in bling she got the Sway necklace and saved $32!’s all about consistency)

Once you’ve incorporated the special in your fashion segment, you will also want to “teach” them to use the special.

“It’s time for our favorite part–SHOPPING! Don’t forget…tonight when you purchase seventy-five dollars in bling, you will earn any item up to seventy-five dollars for only twelve bucks!! So..go ahead and pick out the piece closest to $75 that you MUST HAVE and then write $12 beside it. When you purchase $75 besides that item, it’s yours for that special price!”


“It’s time for our favorite part–SHOPPING! Don’t forget…tonight when you purchase seventy-five dollars in bling, you will earn any one item at the jewelry lady discount–FIFTY PERCENT OFF! So..go ahead and pick out the piece that you MUST HAVE that’s also a little bit of a splurge and then write HALF OFF beside it. When you purchase $75 besides that item, it’s yours for that special price!”

If they’ve already written down the discounted item–be it the half price or an item using a Premier customer special–they are more likely to spend enough to get it.

At my shows, I LOVE to show continuous combos, as I call them. I do this by using transition pieces. Right now, I am showing Three’s Company throughout my combos to make it obvious how versatile they are. Another way I use continuous combos is by dividing what I am showing by metals and then show how metals can be mixed. Here is currently what I am showing:

(Keep in mind I show the jewelry pretty quickly, so this doesn’t take as long as it looks)

-Heaven & Matthew 17:20

-Three’s Company (Jewelry Diet Tip about Accessorizing our wrists, since that draws attention to the smallest parts of our body)

-Three’s Company with Social Circle (double lobster claws mean you “gotta buy it”..I have them repeat this so if I show another piece with double lobster claws I ask, what does that mean? “Gotta buy it!” I show how it makes a necklace easily go from long to short)

-Change out Social Circle for Camille, still emphasizing how mixed metals are on-trend (hold up stiletto & nova)

-I then just leave Camille on “Angelina Jewel-ry” and add Sway (just the chain, both short and long)

-Take off Camille, and show the tassels that come with Sway (also briefly show the Avery enhancer and Tango Tassel on Sway)

-Now that it’s just Sway, I add in Fine Art

-Remove Sway, add Lively to Fine Art (I also show Gold Crown, Bands of Gold, and Sabrina with this)

-Finally, I show my “sassy silver” look: Stunning with Inside Out, Right on Track, and Inner Strength (I like to begin and end my fashion segment with a meaningful piece)

I also interchange Acapulco, Seabreeze, and a rose gold look from time to time. Right now, I am showing Pompeii as my “Featured Look” as it is retiring. Say WHAT?!?

Can you tell I’m COMBO CRAZY?!

loving, serving, and caring with y’all,

Jenna Elise ♥





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