live love out loud.

And they plopped down on my cracked phone screen like unwelcome guests. Those ugly words.

“He tried to kill himself.”

I read it and re-read it, as if the words could become less dramatic, less heart-breaking, less real.

All I wanted to type back is, “I love you.”


I read that someone I graduated with had attempted suicide and all I wanted to do was wrap him in love and assure him that this journey, though often troubled, is worth it.

That he is worth it.

B, you are worth it.

So I challenge you: don’t wait until you get the kind of news that breaks your heart to tell people how incredible they are.

I love you can never be over-used. And I promise you, even if it could be, we are nowhere near that point.

Even when it feels out of place or awkward, tell them. Show them. Don’t just slide it into the last five seconds of a conversation. Don’t mumble it as you turn to leave.

Embrace I love you like its your best friend. Your saving grace. The words that you run to when others are too hard to find. The most important ones.

Show it and say it when the air is thick and your heart is heavy. Because words are placed into the cassette tapes of others’ minds and are played over and over again. When those people are on top of the world and when those people are in the darkest places. They play over and over again. When the only thing bigger than the smile dancing across their face is their overflowing, thankful heart. When the only thing they can think through their pain is “There’s gotta be more than this.”

“I love you” is the soothing whisper of a mother. The hand that holds yours the tightest.

And I love you. 

Whoever you are, where ever you are reading this.

How can I say this, you may be thinking.

Well I may not know how you like your coffee, what makes your eyes light up, or what your demons are. No, I don’t even need to know those things. Because I know this: you are precious. Created by my King, in His image. You are loved by the God of the universe, so I know I love you, too.

I may not always show it. I may spend too many days walking around with closed hands and a hard heart. I may fail you and use words that taste nothing like they should. Words that cut, not heal.

But I do, I love you.

And I hope you share that with someone today, tomorrow, and every single day that you wake up and have hope in your heart and air in your lungs. I hope it’s an anthem that we never get tired of singing, of declaring.

That it’s written in thick purple letters across our hearts and our hands. That we leave traces of it when we leave. That we are remembered by it. That we can change people with it.

Because in a world where not a whole lot matters, love does.

I love you,

jenna elise. ♥


why I am glad I was “forever alone”


I love the way laughter erupts like a volcano from you, and how it never comes softly.

I love the way sometimes your eyes catch the light in a way that makes them even more magnificent than they are in the dim light of an evening. And believe, they are 50 shades of beautiful then, too.

I love the way you focus, with everything in you, on one thing at a time. You devote yourself to it.

I love the way I am confident that the same devotion will be shown to me for a long, long time.

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I left Public Speaking in tears.

Quick catch-you-up: I started college. It’s pretty awesome. So are you. 

My fear of math is gone (and so are my stomach ulcers from calculus, for those of you who have faithfully read my blog). I dropped Spanish upon realizing I love English for a reason. I am taking seventeen hours, working two jobs, and I honestly haven’t been this happy in a long time. 

But public speaking left me in tears. 

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